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Want to become a partner?

At StayOnline we consider our business clients to be our partners

We believe in building strong relationships. Our B2B partners receive an exclusive concierge repair service unmatched by other Apple authorized service providers.

This includes:
  • Free pick-up and drop-off service
  • Access to our proprietary real-time dashboard to
    • Report issues
    • Create a repair order
    • See the diagnosis and approve the repair
    • See the status of the repair through the entire process
    • See an overview of all your repairs and service history 
This exclusive service means you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to take a device to a busy store, wait in line, worry about the warranty, and then potentially wait days until it is fixed and ready for pick-up. You don’t even have to pick up the phone or leave your desk, you can do it through our exclusive dashboard.

As our partner, you will receive personal, flexible and speedy service

We know computers and phones are critical to keeping your business going and offer faster turnaround service than any other Apple Authorized Service Providers in town. We can repair your Mac in about 24 hours versus 5 - 8 days it normally takes. We work directly with Apple and use only original replacement parts, as well as warranty and AppleCare+ issues. In using original Apple replacement parts, your device will continue to be under warranty after it is repaired.

Why choose an Apple Authorized Service Provider like StayOnline? 

All the replacement parts we use in our repairs are original and delivered straight from the Apple. Many repair shops in the U.S. are unauthorized and do not live up to the manufacturer's requirements. This can lead to a repair that voids your warranty.

Our technicians are Apple certified and receive continuous training to keep up with technological developments and the latest guidelines. We are always ahead of the game when it comes to new methods and equipment.

We guarantee that our service and products are of the highest quality, every time you use StayOnline. Apple make both scheduled and unscheduled quality checks of our working processes, to make sure that the service we provide lives up to its standards.

We repair your products in a 100% anti-static environment, to live up to the highest standards in the industry. 

Read more about what it means for you, your business, security, and economy to use an authorized service partner.

Download our business brochure here

For a free consultation and partnership estimate, e-mail us at or call (502) 883-6700.

Our sales account manager can tell you more about the advantages of becoming a partner.