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PC SSD and RAM Upgrade

Is your PC running slow or lacking memory?

StayOnline Repair can upgrade your PC with a new SSD or RAM; if you find that your PC has slowed down, you want more space or just a more robust and faster computer.

During all SSD upgrades, our technicians will also clean the inside of your PC. Often this will increase the service life significantly.Before we begin the upgrade, we will always clean the interior of PC so you will get better performance and longer life.


Below are our prices on upgrading SSD and RAM. The model of your PC determines the final price.

You are always welcome to call, email, or come by our store, and we will give you a final price for upgrading SSD / RAM based on your serial number.

SSD Starting at:
250 GB $249
500 GB $279
1 TB $349
2 TB $449

RAM Starting at:
8 GB $199
16 GB $249
32 GB $299
64 GB $449

All repairs include a free diagnosis, where we check your PC for any error messages, as well as a complete cleaning of your PC inside.

*We always put a new installation of the latest OS on the installed SSD. If you want your current data transferred, we offer a discounted price of $49 (normal price: $99).

Benefits of Upgrading Your PC

As you use your PC, it will affect the performance of your computer. Therefore, you may experience that it slows down over time or does not have the necessary space that you need. With an SSD or RAM upgrade on your PC, you will experience the following improvements:

With a new upgraded SSD, you will experience improved speed with your computer, and this is both when you start your PC and while using it.

Less noise
An upgrade of the SSD will in most cases result in your PC making less noise than before, as the traditional hard drive is mechanical, where an SSD is a chip*

*The SSD is chip-based

Increased battery life
Although the battery and the SSD have no direct connection, you may experience increased battery life on your PC. The SSD uses less power, and thus your PC may maintain battery life for longer.

You do not lose any data

At StayOnline Repair, we offer to transfer your data to the new SSD for only $49 (normal price: $99). With a direct transfer of the data, you can quickly and easily continue where you left off.

You are welcome to contact us or drop by one of our stores, and we will advise you on choosing the size of the SSD and give a final price for the upgrade.